Christmas story for children based on real life

Maria Pia is a girl who does not want to put away her dolls after playing with them. Her upset parents warn her that they will leave the dolls in the street if she doesn’t obey.

Then her parents received the most unexpected response from her: «Mom, put them all in the trash». The challenging answer confused her parents, since Mia, her best friend, the one with whom she slept every night and drank tea every morning, was amongst the dolls.

Maria Pia’s challenging decision would bring many tears to her eyes, missing her best doll and friend for weeks. Her sorry parents knew that they must teach her a valuable lesson.

They explain that only a Christmas miracle would make it possible for the rag doll to come back home. Therefore, the girl had to pray to God every night for weeks, for this to happen.

Peruvian story with a deep life lesson, which, apart from entertaining with its fantastic storytelling, will leave deep lessons in children, such as: Every act has a consequence.

To take several breaths before making a bad decision.

To improve tolerance and discipline in children.

To appreciate what you have.

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Why I write stories

I received a gift from God which is to be able to imagine stories. I decided to write them and encourage in them life lessons, values, as well as respect for the environment.

What inspires me to write.

It inspires me to write, knowing that every child who reads my stories, will be able to dream awake, fly their imagination, as well as grow in their inner self. I am also inspired to create stories like the classics of yesteryear, the ones I read when I was a child.

I started at the age of 38 when I wrote Lulita the sea star, now in English as well.  Until today, I have published several works for children.

I am a native of Lima, Peru and I lived since I was a child very close to the sea and I could enjoy the pleasure of visiting the countryside and the mountains since always. That is why I have a great appreciation for nature. I enjoy singing, playing the piano and the guitar. I recently composed a protest music video titled «Tú el que contaminas» (You who pollute) to give a voice of help to our mother nature that has been suffering from severe pollution.

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